DinneR PArty IDEAS

It's that time of year where everyone's suggesting dinner parties.
Is it your turn to host?

I'm hoping these will help you with a winner whether you're a meat lover, fish eater, veggie or vegan. 

  • The dish that has the wow factor when cut into, this recipe I know makes for a great centrepiece dinner and satisfied stomachs. 

    Beef Wellington

  • A delicious mix of crab, prawn and mussels to name a few in this risotto, is bound to make your guests want seconds. 

    Seafood Risotto

  • Who doesn't love a pappardelle dish? Ottolenghi has nailed this one without the need for meat. 

    Harissa Pappardelle 

  • The most flavoursome dish that your guests won't even realise is Vegan. A crowdpleaser!

    Massamam Curry